About Us

  • Be Well Kitchen is the newest creation from Chef Jenny Ross and her team at Jenny Ross Living Foods! This space is designed to serve you the healthiest foods on the planet and make healthy living accessible to all. To that end we have created an opportunity to creatively produce the food you love and widened our ability to keep it fresh and make it available by offering delivery throughout Orange County!
  • Our key opportunities to serve you include daily ordering of food for pick up or delivery through our website, catering, lunch and learn events, education and innovation supporting other similarly minded lifestyle brands.
  • Our foods are all whole, plant-based foods, designed with balance in mind. We work with several health professionals to support their clients in healthy eating.
  • Everything made from scratch- this is our promise to you- we know every single thing that goes into every bite of your food. We can modify, in fact we are happy to do that to support your health goals.
  • Chef-driven local, organic food- we are a company driven by and run by chefs that have a deep passion for making healthy living fun and delicious. We are foods geeks for sure so we spend lots of time trying out and sourcing organic ingredients from the best in local farms and Superfoods from around the world.